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The Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) program is a high school equivalency program for adult learners delivered in class by Ontario’s Community Colleges and online by the ACE Distance program. It prepares you to apply for and succeed in community college postsecondary programs and apprenticeship training.

It is recognized as an OSSD (grade 12) equivalent by Ontario’s community colleges and by the Apprenticeship Branch. ACE courses have been evaluated by the Ministry of Education and are determined to be “highly comparable” to Senior Level college stream courses.

The ACE Certificate is also recognized as an OSSD equivalent by a growing number of employers when hiring and promoting staff. Major employers such as the OPP, Proctor and Gamble, CP Rail, Revenue Canada, Tembec, VALE INCO and many municipalities and regional hospitals recognize the ACE Certificate.

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ACE Distance programs are offered tuition-free, if you meet the requirements.

NOTE: Fees apply to ULevel / UPrep ACE courses. For more information, contact one of the colleges that offers these programs here.


You must be an Ontario resident at least 19 years old and proficient in English OR French to benefit from instruction.