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ACE courses are credentialed courses that have been reviewed by the Ministry of Education for equivalency using a common set of provincially agreed upon learning outcomes which all colleges use. ACE Distance courses were developed to meet the provincial learning outcomes standard. ACE courses (both in class and distance) are recognized by Ontario's colleges as equivalent for the purpose of admissions to apprenticeship and postsecondary programming. (Please see the equivalency chart below.)

Students have the option to take ACE courses either in a classroom environment at a college or online through ACE Distance delivery. If you are interested in classroom based delivery please contact your local college. If you are interested in online learning, here is what you need to know about ACE Distance:

ACE Distance courses have free intakes in April, June, September, November January, and March. There is no cost for textbooks during free intakes. We provide them to you if your course requires a text. (Most don't. We use online resources.)

To be eligible for ACE Distance you must meet the requirements set by our funder, the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. You must:

- be an Ontario resident

- be at least 19 years of age

In addition, in order to participate in ACE Distance courses you must:

1. Complete the registration and Consent form required for all ACE Distance learners. You can register directly at:

2. You will receive an acknowledgement that we have received your form and the following Monday you will receive further instructions.

2. Complete the Essential Skills for Employment and Education assessment and meet our entry standards for Reading and Numeracy.

3. Complete the 20 hour Learn to Learn Course required of all students before taking an ACE Distance course . ACE College (“C” level) courses have been reviewed for equivalency by Ontario’s Ministry of Education. For a full copy of the review see:


The following is a quick reference guide to ACE equivalency.


COMMUNICATIONS English, Grade 12, College Preparation ENG4C

CORE MATH Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Grade 12,Workplace Prep. MEL4E

APP.MATH Foundations for College Mathematics, Grade 12, College Prep. MAP4C

BUS. MATH Foundations for College Mathematics, Grade 12, College Prep. MAP4C

TECH MATH Mathematics for College Technology, Grade 12, College Prep. MCT4C

BIOLOGY Biology, Grade 11, College Preparation SBI3C

CHEMISTRY Chemistry, Grade 12, College Preparation SCH4C

PHYSICS Physics, Gr.11, University Prep. SPH3U

Physics, Gr. 12, College Prep. SPH4C




For information about the Tuition-free Option, click here.




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Michelle D.
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....I’m also looking forward to the interaction with other students in this forum and hope we can all accomplish our goals... (more)
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